Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Early Childhood Services (ECS), refers to programming offered by school authorities before compulsory schooling that meets the diverse needs of young children and their families.

Pre-Kindergarten refers to the two years of educational programming before Kindergarten.

Kindergarten is part of the ECS continuum of programs and refers specifically to the education program for children in the year before Grade 1.

In ECS programs, young children participate as active learners within developmentally appropriate learning experiences and develop knowledge, understanding and skills that lay the foundation for subsequent learning.

Pre Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten, as part of ECS programming, is intended for children who require additional supports prior to their Kindergarten year. Children who are eligible include those who are learning English as an additional language or who require Francisation, those who are gifted and talented, and those who are diagnosed with a mild, moderate or severe disability or delay.


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Kindergarten, as part of ECS programming, is intended for children in the year before entry into Grade 1 and shall be planned and implemented to help children achieve the learner expectations outlined in the Kindergarten Program Statement, and the Kindergarten learning outcomes outlined in Alberta’s Kindergarten Curriculum.


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