Our Community

Grades Taught

Kindergarten - Grade 12 (Elementary, Middle School and High School)


Welcome to our school nestled in the heart of Caroline, Alberta, where we cultivate a culture of connectedness and purpose.

We take immense pride in our integral role within the thriving community of Caroline—a picturesque village nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our school, home to approximately 388 students, embodies the inherent advantages of smaller educational institutions, championing academic excellence and personal growth in tandem.

Research underscores the advantages of smaller schools like ours in fostering supportive environments where every student is recognized, encouraged, and supported. Multiple studies highlight these benefits, demonstrating how a small school fosters robust connections, nurtures a sense of belonging, and upholds a secure and supportive atmosphere through the collective efforts of students, teachers, and parents. Our dedication to nurturing these relationships significantly contributes to our students' overall success.

What's unique about our school is the number of past students who return to contribute in various capacities. Their presence showcases the enduring impact of our community and underscores our commitment to fostering lasting connections and a supportive network involving students, parents, and staff coming together.

We take pride in our active involvement with the local community, regularly engaging its members in diverse educational activities, celebrations, and community events. This approach seamlessly intertwines education with community involvement, fostering an enriching and inclusive environment that extends beyond our school grounds.

In Caroline, Alberta, our school serves as a testament to the benefits of a small, interconnected learning environment. Much like the village itself offers tranquility amidst nature's splendor, our school provides an educational sanctuary where students not only thrive but also feel supported and equipped to excel in their future endeavors.


Principal - Ms. Kirsten Collison

Vice Principal - Mr. Patrick Leahy


Pride in Excellence


To develop the confidence, courage, skills, attitudes, and values necessary for students to fit in with society, do anything and be anywhere in the world with success.


Caroline School is a community that is focused on continuous learning and personal growth; one that fosters opportunity and develops citizens with the skills and values to explore and thrive in the world around them


Heart - safe and caring, compassionate, kind, inclusive

Purposeful - engaged in pursuing success, goal-oriented

Connected - to self, school, and community; active, inviting, supportive