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Teachers and Support Staff at Caroline School

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The school phone number is 403-722-3833.

Mr. Dean Pilipchuk- Principal

Mr. Cory Whalen- Vice Principal/Middle School Science

Ms. June Lowe- Student Support Facilitator


Ms. Ann Gemmell- pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten

Ms. Angie Overgaard - Kindergarten

Ms. Brittany Sinnamon - grade 1 (on maternity leave)

Ms. Morgan Spooner - grade 1

Ms. Brittany Klein- Grade 1/2/Physical Education (on maternity leave)

Mr. Dan Penna - Grade 1/2/Physical Education

Ms. Laurie Speight- Grade 1/2

Ms. Stefanie Peters- Grade 2/3 (on maternity leave)

Ms. Breina Jones - Grade 2/3

Ms. Angela Rutschke- Grade 3

Mr. Eric Armitage- Grade 4

Mr. Bradley Barr- Grade 5

Ms. Lynley Felzien- Middle School English/Social Studies

Mr. Tyler Kanten- Middle School Math/Science

Mr. Andrew Manuel- Middle School/Senior High Social Studies/Career Prep

Ms. Sandra Wilkie- Middle School/Senior High English/CTS Foods 

Ms. Rocsan Williams- Senior High Social Studies

Ms. Shelley Lewis- Senior High Math (on maternity leave)

Ms. Judith Ellingsgaard - Senior High Math

Ms. Sara Barr- Senior High Science

Ms. Kirsten Collison- Senior High English/Social Studies

Mr. Hoang Le- Athletic Director/Physical Education